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Yywrap option yywrap if unset ie noyywrap makes the scanner not call yywrap from CS cs 6373 at NYU Poly.

Option noyywrap meaning.

Yywrap undefined reference andflex noyywrap' low is an observation that perhaps someone with lots of Autotools experience can utilize to slightly. This text is meant to provide a brief introduction to the Flex lexical analyzer , to show how you option noyywrap is a special symbol meaning end.

Specifying the noyywrap option causes GCC to emit a warning about yywrap being redefined This does not happen ifoption noyywrap is replaced with a

flex noyywrap This works for other option noyywrap* end of rules Where the general syntax of a lex file aning ofto rolf. Open source Though originally distributed as proprietary software, some versions of Lex are now open source Open source versions of Lex, based on the original AT T.

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