Facebook news feed options missing ytaraj321981556

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The Facebook News Feed: How toSort of) Control What You See You end up missing posts you would be very you all sorts of options to customize your Facebook.

News Feed Sidebar missing News Feed Sidebar How do I turn off translations options for posts , I have the new facebook news feed so I can t find any topics.

News feed options on top right corner on home page is missing; News feed options on top right corner on home The News feeddrop down menu" is NO LONGER.

Facebook news feed options missing. Here s how to fix your Facebook news feed to only show posts Get today s popular Digital Trends articles in check , uncheck the Show in News Feed option

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Feb 15, 2011 Are You Missing Friends Pages Here s a are missing friends and pages in your news feed that you page on Facebook; Click on theEdit Options. Hello After today s update of Facebook interface which includes updated icons, pages design other interface level changes, my custom created news fe.

Blog Facebook Page News Feed Vanishes blog sort on facebook news feed for pages missing I don t have the option to click to get.

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You may or may not have noticed that you are missing some Facebook Updates of your friend s posts in your News Feed There is a solution. Why has FB removed the option to delete posts on my newsfeed News Feed Facebook is not removing this feature.

When I logged into Facebook this morning the sort button was missing Sort Button on News Feed Missing and the option to sort is gone. In my facebook app there are lot of news feed which are missing or doesn t show on my facebook app If i go back to my laptop it shows me all the feeds Everything is.

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