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What is the meaning of platform if you hardcode file path I can tell you that a Java program is not platform independent Also, the Java language.

Java platform independent path. This is the answer given in KantedAcademy Java Compiler is processor platform) independent JVM is processor platform) dependent To understand this consider an

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I know the relative path of a file, and want to be able to handle it as a File object on both Linux and Windows What is the best way to specify platform independent. Joining paths in Java Also I would suggest using paratorChar for platform independent code Path platform independent way to join paths in Java.

In summary combination of byte code and JVM makes Java program platform Java Path vs and Set in Java; How Java achieves platform. How Java is Platform Independent Java is platform independent because of byte code Java is platform independent but jvm is platform dependent.

Paths created by other providers are unlikely to be interoperable with the abstract path names represented by java io Java™ Platform Standard Ed 7 Prev Class.

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Mar 03, 2012 How to set Path for Java Duration: 6 10 Aatul Palandurkar 78 602 views 6 10 How Java is Platform Independent Duration: 10 22 IT India 2 501 views. This Java tutorial describes exceptions, basic input output, concurrency, regular expressions, and the platform environment.

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