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GroupWise Gwcheck will not work with the RESETMAINTFLAG startup option in the Misc tab. Misc If you need to run a Mailbox Library Maintenance check with special options provided by Novell Support, click e the Support Options field to specify command line parameters Support options are typically obtained from Novell Support representatives when you need assistance resolving specific database problems.

The GWCHECK window has aMisc" tab with aSupport Options" field into which the option keyword is typed SUBJECTPURGE subject Use this switch with GWCheck to remove all messages that have the specified subject.

Novell GroupWise 7 SP3 GWCheck tzchangefolder vell GroupWise 7 SP3 GWCheck tzchangefolder Under the GWCheck Misc tab Support Options. GroupWise 8 Moving GroupWise n an additional GWCheck Contents you must run a Contents check with DELDUPFOLDERS option in the Misc options.

The GWCHECK log is reporting Problem 21 Run the stand alone Gwcheck with the ATTCLIP option as In the stand alone Gwcheck screen click on theMisc" tab.

Gwcheck misc options.

My GroupWise databases were renamed into TRN file A common reason behind is that you were running GWCheck with a MISC option storelowercase option while your
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